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Okay Let's Talk

A short film regarding the Black Lives Matter movement coming soon!



This Refugee Week, we’re exploring the theme of ‘Healing’.

Through creativity and conversations, Refugee Week 2022 will be a celebration of community, mutual care, and the human ability to start again.

Healing means recovering from a painful experience or situation, so that we can continue to live. No-one understands this better than those who have lost their homes and had to build new lives from scratch.

We have much to learn from refugees about holding onto hope when going on seems impossible – as well as about how art, creativity and community can help us to heal.  Those going through the asylum system also know that healing is an ongoing process, made harder by poverty, housing difficulties and the threat of being detained or deported. Asking for change, so that refugees can truly feel safe, is an act of care.

Whether it’s about looking after ourselves and each other at difficult times, overcoming political divisions or coming together to fight for the survival of our shared planet, healing matters to all of us. Whoever and wherever you are, we hope you’ll join us for Refugee Week 2022 to imagine a world where healing replaces harm, and care becomes our shared currency.

Refugee Week 2022 is 20–26 June, and anyone can take part by holding or taking part in an event and activity.


Previous Productions


SAWA 2019

Service Subtitle

A collaboration with WSN and SAWA to raise awareness at an FGM day hosted by NST in Feb 2019. 

Watch the full performance here!


The Good Neighbour

Here For You

The Good Neighbour weaves together different stories of arrival, neglect, exclusion and acceptance. A woman arrives to seek asylum and twenty years later she becomes mayor. A neglected man who disappears becomes a local legend inspiring community and belonging


Behind Closed Doors

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Behind Closed Doors is a powerful piece about modern day slavery and the consequences of gossip. Set in a hair salon we see the overlapping stories of women empowering each other, opening doors, but behind the closed door lurks the hidden industries of trafficking and slavery.



Next Level Service

Welcome performed for 35th Anniversary celebration of LGBT Christians in Southampton 2016

"Welcome is a uniquely powerful piece that deftly traverses the boundary between theatre and memoir – it’s down to some wonderful performances that levity and humanity abound in even the bleakest of situations". 
Sam Hodges Artistic Director of NST Southampron Theatres.


Behind The Smile

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Behind The Smile tells the story of an destitute asylum seeker facing the hostile immigration system. 

This piece was invited to be performed at Sanctuary in Parliament, giving the chance to both lobby and listen to MP’s such as John McDonald advocate an improved and more humane immigration process helps to reduce the feelings of isolation.

shapeimage_2 (2).png

From Here To There

Next Level Service

The first ever World Stages Now performance at the Avenue Multi Cultural Centre in Southampton. This is a physical theatre piece portraying journeys, with puppetry, music and objects.


Okay, Let's Talk


A script based on true stories created by World Stages Now and is now a film.

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