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More About World Stages Now

We believe that creating a piece of theatre together encourages vital skills in listening, sharing, and inclusion in order to translate ideas into an art form that reflects and articulates the needs of our community.

We encourage an atmosphere of welcome throughout the rehearsal process 

We invite our audiences to participate, through dialogue, discussion and active debate.


World Stages Now is a volunteer led community organisation based in Southampton, UK.

The majority of the performers, writers, directors, musicians and dancers are also seeking asylum or are recently recognised refugees. Since 2013 the group have created and performed several pieces of original theatre in particular for Refugee Week exploring issues that are personal whilst also celebrating the national theme. World Stages Now have also performed work at additional events throughout this year including International Womens Day at West Quay in March and the Now-Here Festival celebrating the contribution made by the migrant community at NST Nuffield Theatre in April. We are currently developing ‘Me you and those who came before’ that will be presented for Refugee Week 2019.

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